Tax Career Advisor, LLC provides career counseling services and products for tax professionals and aspiring tax professionals.  It’s mission is to help tax professionals evaluate and understand their tax career options and develop the essential skills towards a successful tax career.  Tax Career Advisor, LLC is designed to make a difference in the lives of all tax professionals and to improve the quality of the tax professional industry.  It was created with you in mind.  For more information about the services offered, see the “For Tax Professionals” page in this website.

Tax Career Advisor, LLC also provides customized training programs for employers designed to develop employees into successful tax managers and tax executives.  The training programs are tailored to the needs of the organization and can provide training centered around the six essential skills discussed in Paul’s book, Extraordinary Tax Career:

1. Learn to read the law: It’s Good to be a Code-Head.

2. Research skills: A Must.

3. Writing and more writing skills.

4. Communicating to non-tax people.

5. Selling: I didn’t go to school to be a salesperson (but oh, how important!).

6. Leadership: Managing people is as important as managing the work.

For more information about the services offered to employers, see the “For Employers” page in this website.